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Kilroe-Smith’s Flower Power!

Welcome to the Topolino Spring Trail Run! This year we will be doing things a little differently so that we can enjoy the wonderful West Coast, it’s spring flowers and the crisp fresh air while still practicing social distancing and staying safe.

You have a choice of the short 3km Daisy Dash in the open veld above Topolino Pre-Primary or the more challenging 8.5km Green Mamba Spring Run traversing some of the most beautiful trails that our town has to offer. You will have a whole week in which to complete the run of your choice AND you may run the route that you have entered for as many times as you wish, because you’re: (a) a sucker for punishment, (b) got horribly lost the last time out, (c) wish to improve your time or (d) it was too cold for the flowers to open so you want to go back when it’s sunny to enjoy the flowers! Whatever your reason, you may repeat your run and post a new time if it is quicker than your previous time.

So here’s how it works: you enter and pay for the route of your choice by putting the correct entry fee inside an envelope. Write your name, contact details and distance you are running on the envelope. Pop your envelope into the entry box at the Topolino Pre-Primary school entrance gate near the start. You have from sunrise on Monday 31st August to sunset on Sunday 6th September 2020 to complete your run.

ENTRY FEES: 3km Daisy Dash = R20 – 8.5km Green Mamba = R40

Or you can choose the family discount option of R80 for the whole family for the long route only.

The courses are not marked but there are several Check Points (CP) that you must find and take note of. The locations and pics of each CP appear in the video and maps below. You need to record your time on your watch or phone, then submit your time (picture of your watch or screenshot of your phone) to be included in the Leaderboard that will be updated daily.

Please familiarise yourself with the route using the info provided below. The map, pictures and captions detail the route, this is the intended and most direct route, taking in the best of the flowers on offer. If you cannot follow the route exactly, so long as you make your way to each Check Point then you will be deemed to have completed the full route. The distance, if you stick to the intended route, is approx. 8.5km’s

Start your run (don’t forget to start your watch/phone) next to the big Topolino Preprimary sign located at the bottom of the gravel road adjacent to Topolino Premiary School. This is also the finish and you need to stop your watch at this point. Please send your details (Name, Age Gender, Distance if you have GPS and Time) via WhatsApp to 063 854 7113 so you can be added to the leaderboard. You can just click the “Submit your time…” button at bottom right of screen to do this…

Click for 3km Daisy Dash Route Info

8.5km Green Mamba Route Info below:

Interactive Video of 8.5km Green Mamba Route

Detailed description of route and pics:

Start – Next to Big Sign @ Topolino PrePrimary School

Up thru the “Farm”📷0.5 km

📷0.9 km

Past Harpuisbos CulDeSac📷1.3 km

Past Babiana CulDeSac📷1.6 km

Over speedbump @ Top of Sunbird Dr to CP1📷1.7 km

CP1📷2 km

Green Mamba! Stay straight all along fence.📷2.9 km

CP2 – Bottom of Green Mamba – Turn Right📷3.2 km

Take 1st Right back onto trail into flowers📷3.6 km

All the way up Jeep Track📷3.7 km

Turn Left towards Top of Black Mamba, then Right onto Park Drive📷3.9 km

Turn Left into Melbosslot📷4.2 km

End of Melkbosslot – Start of Trail to CP3📷4.4 km

CP3 – Highest Point in Langebaan – Enjoy the View!📷5 km

Back onto Park Drive, turn Left & head to Topolino via “Flower Route”📷5.6 km

CP4 – Topolino Primary School – U-Turn and head back up to “Flower Route”📷5.9 km

Back onto “Flower Route”, head back to CP1📷6.8 km

Back past CP1, over speedbump and back towards Topolino PrePrimary via the “Farm”📷7.9 km

Straight down single track thru the “Farm”📷8.5 km

Finish @ Topolino PrePrimary – Well done!

3km Daisy Dash Route Info below:

Interactive Video of 3km Daisy Dash Route

Start – Next to Big Sign @ Topolino PrePrimary School

Head up the main Jeep track in the “Farm”📷0.7 km

At the top, take the left fork📷1.1 km

Continue on Jeep track📷1.4 km

Keep going straight onto single track📷1.7 km

At the bottom turn left and head back to finish📷2.2 km

Turn right towards the school📷2.3 km

Well done, you Finished!