Here’s how it works, due to Covid-19, this year’s Georges Willis Memorial Breezathon in Langebaan will take the form of a virtual event. You can take part as an individual and do all 3 legs yourself or you can form a team of 2 or 3 members. The start and finish of each leg is at the bottom of Smith Street, Langebaan. You have from Saturday 5 Dec until Sunday 13 December 2020 to submit your times. To submit your times please WhatsApp your name (all team member’s names, if a team) and times for each leg, as well as total time, to me on 083 635 2557. Please also send pics of you and your team mates so that I can post them to our Facebook Page.

There is no charge to take part and you do not need to enter, just do it and submit your times, I will keep an up-to-date leaderboard running on this website. You may do it more than once if you’d like to improve your time. Course details as follows (zoom in on the maps, below the flyover videos, for more details and road names etc):

Leg 1. 3km paddle around Schaapen Island, please ensure you wear the required PFD and don’t go out in conditions that are not suited to your ability.
Flyover and Map of Paddle Leg

Leg 2. 17km Cycle 2 laps to WCNP Entry Gate, wear a helmet at all times while cycling and watch-out for other road users, turnaround at entry gate to WCNP and then again at top of Smith Street, repeat this route for 2 laps.
Flyover and Map of Cycle Leg

Leg 3. 5km run past Langebaan YC to turn point on dirt road, if you have a GPS watch then turn at 2.5k’s, the turnaround is just above the path that leads down to the public toilets.
Flyover and Map of Run Leg